A description of compulsory voting as a solution

Yet it is generally assumed by political anarchists that working for these invasive agencies violates libertarian principles. Recapitulation In Part Two of this article I sketched a theory of institutional analysis whereby individuals, filling institutional roles, contribute unintentionally to the goals of an association i.

We see this in modern States which, as they expand the range and intensity of their political power, have evolved complex and highly specialized internal functions. The more citizens abstain, the more the elected bodies losetheir accountability.

State membership in a democracy is theoretically bestowed by popular election, or by appointment authorized by a duly elected official. This plurality of interpretationsshows that abstaining is a bad strategy to express ones opinion in public life orto send a message to the politicians.

Such a people do not need to express their opinion in elections, or they do not feel directly influenced by politics.

As someones knowledge of and interest in politics is influencedby structural factors such as his received education, his decision whether or notto vote cannot be wholly ascribed to freedom of choice, which can thereforenot be used to justify freedom of participation through voluntary voting.

This interpretation, however, has been empirically refuted by the finding thatabstainers are generally more discontent with the regime than voters Wattenberg, This situation will probably change in the near future.

A candidate might promise to imprison all redheads in slave labor camps, or to order the execution of all Catholics on sight. If it means "morally proper" - i.

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For now we should recognize that the presence of gray does not negate the existence of black and white. The burden of proof falls upon the anarchist to establish the soundness of this intermediate step.

Utilitarianism and on Liberty: Most of the State's members may not personally care care about,or even know of, arcane subjects like territorial sovereignty. An office-holder has objective power commensurate with his legal rights. Mandatory democracy can raise political interest among people.

Territorial sovereignty was clearly the purpose leading to the organization and consolidation of modern States. Similarly, we hold legislators accountable for their unjust laws, political executives accountable for their unjust directives, and judges accountable for their unjust decisions.

This problem is aggravated by the fact that low voter turnoutmeans unequal and socio-economically biased turnout Lijphart,2.

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The highest legislative, executive, and judicial offices are the incarnation of sovereignty. From the legal analogy, however, it does not follow automatically that the political libertarian is analogous to the defendant, and thus it does not follow that the burden of proof lies entirely upon the voluntaryist.

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Two consequences of the American Revolution are important here: Also, there are many people who are not interested in politics, or in certain elections, especially elections to European Parliament. The anarchist presumption against agents of the State, like all presumptions, is defeasible.

Your children will be shot in school! To assess this argument one can analyze to what extent compulsory votingcoincides with invalid, blank and other protest votes.

The Ethics of Voting

The fact that itenhances participation, equality and representativeness does not justify theimplied violation of liberty Lijphart, To establish post offices and build roads Personal intentions were not previously considered relevant to the anarchist analysis of the State, but the political anarchist may have uncovered new information that will convince his voluntaryist colleague.

The following countries have suchlaws, but do not strictly enforce them: Some argue the constitution still forbids this -- that you have a right not to vote as much as you have a right to vote -- but this might be addressed by the explicit blank ballot.

In my view,this is to be firmly opposed, because the purpose of democratic elections is notto reflect only the well-considered views of involved citizens, but the views ofall citizens.

The morecitizens abstain, the greater income inequality will become.sethawoolley writes "In light of the upcoming elections in the US, author William Poundstone was interviewed about voting systems by Mother Jones.

In it he advocates the benefits of Range Voting as a solution to Arrow's Impossibility Theorem. Approval, Borda, Instant Runoff, and Condorcet Voting. Jun 01,  · Hi, Flat chatters, 1- Our Strata plan was registered in therefore, we are following the standard schedule 2 by-laws.

There is a motion by Strata Manager in AGM agenda to consider the special by-law for minor and major renovation works. Nov 05,  · I would be OK with compulsory voting, if it was also compulsory for every ballot for every elective position to include the “candidate,” named “None of the Above” – such that every election with a majority voting for that candidate would be followed by special election(s), with ALL NEW candidates (competing against “None of the.

Electronic Voting System 1. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Electronic voting system (EVS) also known as e-voting is a term encompassing several different types of voting embracing both electronic means of counting votes. voting laws in the United States It argues that compulsory voting is a legitimate infringement upon individual liberty for the purpose of 8 Of course, people who choose to vote are not necessarily irrational.

When two anarchists debate the ethics of voting, it is the political anarchist who assumes the major burden of proof.

It is the political anarchist who must demonstrate to the voluntaryist why voting - an overt participation in the political process - is not a violation of their common anarchist principles.

A description of compulsory voting as a solution
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