An evaluation of recycling at american university and its positive results

Health impact assessment in the United States: We suggest that prior behavior should be related not only to positive intent, but also to more positive attitudes and a lower perception of effort as follows: Because HIAs combine stakeholder input and robust public health evidence, they can provide a credible evidence-based rationale for recommendations in the setting of complex policy and planning decisions.

This event provided an excellent introduction to the campaign and an opportunity to integrate campaign activities into the community with a public health partner.

Department of Labor, state education agencies SEAslocal school districts, four-year universities and two-year colleges, not-for-profit organizations NPOsand philanthropic foundations. Recycling just one glass jar saves enough electricity to light an 11 watt CFL bulb for 20 hours. While most recycling studies look just at product disposition behaviors, this study defines recycling to include product purchase and reuse behaviors and finds that people do organize disposition, reuse, and purchase under the same umbrella of recycling activities.

This suggests that people do view recycling as all activities that "complete the loop. Item responses for each scale were summed to derive a single score for each subject for each scale with a higher score indicating a stronger norm, more favorable attitude, less perceived effort, stronger intentions, and more recycling experience.

Several limitations should be considered in interpreting study results. We have recommendations also for providers of such technical assistance: Conclusion Results of this study suggest HIAs are a useful tool to promote public health because they can influence decisions in nonhealth-related sectors, strengthen cross-sector collaborations, and raise awareness of health issues among decision makers.

Our general approach in conducting a grant evaluation is to be theory-based, cross-functional, action-oriented, participatory, collaborative, and cooperative. Attitudes and Individual Differences The attitudinal component of the model of reasoned action is the multiplicative result of beliefs towards the behavior and the perceived effectiveness of engaging in the behavior.

RWJF staff participated in periodic telephone calls with study investigators during the study and commented on a draft of this article.

Household recycling while still in its initial stages of implementation in Austrailia, can and has reduced waste products and provided recyclable materials for businesses, enabling higher rates of environmental conservation. Page Avenue health impact assessment: Studies on college campuses found that increased access to recycling bins coupled with raffles and contests led to improved recycling habits among students [ 1011 ].

HIAs convey to decision makers the potential health effects of proposed projects and policies such as those related to land use and transportation, and they make recommendations that promote the beneficial and mitigate the adverse health effects of such projects and policies.

Working with and not on the client is important so they gain confidence in us and our work. This paper contributes to the current literature on recycling education and health communications campaign development, implementation, and evaluation.

This report adds to the growing literature on the evaluation of HIAs as a field 6— Scratching the Entrepreneurial Itch I consider myself a reasonably practical person when it comes to money.

While in grad school, I kept working on smaller education research and evaluation projects with several individual consultants and organizations alike that were willing to give me work on a short-term basis.

A team of up to three staff members routinely engaged in a wide variety of PreK contracts that spanned: A more recent study by Kelly and colleagues [ 14 ] found that more individuals on campus said they would recycle if it was made more convenient and if they knew what happened to the recycled items after they were collected.

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However, these issues can be resolved based on mutual understanding and once a relationship has been established between the parties involved. What do we as evaluators uniquely bring to the table? Working in a small, closed-knit education evaluation firm had its advantages.

This paper explores hypothesized effects of community norms on recycling behavior and suggests why normative pressures may be inconsistent across communities. Americans throw away 2. I left the firm in late to start my Ph. Fishbein and Azjen acknowledge that the relative importance of the normative and attitudinal components in the reasoned action model depends on individual characteristics.

Campaign activities took place during the busy meal hours. Unfortunately, some agencies do not set aside a fixed budget percentage, which leaves the field wide open to sometimes very contested and lengthy negotiations and even fierce competition.

The effectiveness of health impact assessment: A Big Leap of Faith Working full-time and attending grad school was challenging.

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First, "recycling" in this study is defined not only as an act of product disposition but also as a purchase activity. In either case, action-oriented individuals are more secure in the belief that they control both the decision to act and the outcome of the action.

Last but not least, spending time and money to engage a professional editor and also a graphic designer to put the finishing touches are important, too. In this convenience sample, the number of practitioners who received the survey and the resulting response rate are unknown.

Provide an implementation plan in their recommendations, including a list of who should be responsible for each task.Recycle Across America (RAA) is a (c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making it easier for people to recycle right.

results show that the Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative model and its focus on evaluations based on behavioral science research have improved the effectiveness and efficiency of.

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43 total results. The US Government Should Have a Plan to Salvage Plastics for Recycling. 1, words. An Evaluation of Recycling at American University and Its Positive Results.


An Evaluation of Health Impact Assessments in the United States, 2011 - 2014

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Nov 30,  · A total of individuals attended campaign week events and completed an initial survey. Results identified inconvenience of recycling facility locations as a key barrier to recycling. Post-campaign survey results revealed increased recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and cans (p.

While perception of the effort required to engage in a behavior is the result of the positive or negative evaluation of a belief regarding an action, research has demonstrated that perceived effort is distinct from general attitudes toward recycling and is important in the recycling decision.

This result seems counter-intuitive, but it must be taken into account that the level of recycling in Spain is very high (75% of university students recycle) so enhancing pro-environmental attitudes is not a major factor for improving students' recycling behaviour.

An evaluation of recycling at american university and its positive results
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