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Is it valid justification? This would also be considered a Utopian society. Is it true that some people are born more fit to rule than others? Is finding the truth that valuable?

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In the context of this premise, Plato touches upon several major issues, focusing the most significant discussions on the nature and definition of ethics, education, and the organization of society Essay plato question republic politics, as well as religion and philosophy.

Socrates breaks up thought and existence into three categories: With the passion of various ideas on philosophy and political science, Plato pushes through his learning to teach our people.

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Is this true in America, a country considered to be the wealthiest in the world? Can a person be a productive member of society without procreating?

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Polemarchus agreed to this, which basically went against everything he said in the opening of this conversation. Plato was descended from a distinguished family of statesmen; his mother's cousin Critias and his maternal uncle Charmides, both portrayed in eponymous dialogues, belonged to the Thirty Tyrants, the oligarchs who ruled Athens in cooperation with Sparta after the Peloponnesian War.

Is democracy capable of placing societal good above individual good? When is it more just to try to change the law?

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What harm does Socrates see in allowing the young to hear stories of gods acting unjustly? Does this mean that modern democratic societies tend to elect officials that are in fact the most useless and unfit to rule?

He also says that the philosopher can know no lie. A citizen of Athens, Plato was born in approximately b. He also says that the philosopher can know no lie. Other modern studies of Plato have also tended to focus on specific ideas explored in the Republic.

If the values of Greek society were wisdom, courage, moderation and justice, what are the values of our society today? Augustine of Hippo Our world has developed and flourished by the thoughts and contributions of many leaders.

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This is his description of a perfect and justly educated society. By asking simple questions, Socrates gradually reveals that these people were in fact very confused and did not actually know anything about the matters about which they claimed to be an expert. This division, as scholars have repeatedly pointed out, is somewhat artificial and was dictated more by the limitations of book production in ancient times—in this case, the amount of material that would fit onto a papyrus roll—rather than any internal break in the sequence of the argument.

Why does Glaucon believe that any man, without surveillance, would behave unjustly? Socrates disdains the masses for believing that good is subjective; that it is maximization of pleasure.

However, a person must want to learn and therefore not everyone can be taught which makes a perfect justice system unattainable. If we elected [or selected] philosophers, would our society be better off?

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The spirited soul was closely linked to the heart of a person.The Republic Plato The Republic literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Republic.

View Essay - Plato Essay Questions from POL A at University of California, Davis. A Ancient Political Thought Platos Republic Consider the Republic up to Bk II B at which point Socrates50%(2).

Socrates describes a perfect city in Plato’s The Republic. Many questions are asked in the book, such as “What is an ideal city?” Or, “What is justice?” And, “Is justice in the city possible?” Socrates tries to find the real meaning of the word justice.

At the same time, there is evidence that some people in society do and say the types of things done and said by characters in the book.

Should the book be taught? Discuss this in a graceful and intelligent essay, which reflects your reading of the Republic. 3. Essay on Plato and the Republic - The Sun of Knowledge: Platonic Epistemology as Discussed in The Republic The history of philosophy can be viewed as the result of the work of an obscure Athenian whose voluminous works, penetrating questions, novel ideas, and didactic teachings have shaped the flow of nearly all philosophic thought.

- Plato's The Republic and Aristophanes The Birds It is evident, by Plato's The Republic and Aristophanes The Bird's, that one's vision of an ideal state is not the same mystical utopia. Plato's Republic is an well-ordered society that emphasizes the development of the community, which leads to its people believing in this philosophy.

Essay plato question republic
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